Atomiq DeFi, an innovative decentralized finance platform, has achieved a significant milestone by selling out its seed round allocation in less than 24 hours. A portion of the 2.4m seed round, conducted in collaboration with launchpad partner De.Fi, which raised $150,000 and has set a new standard for the industry as traditionally most seed rounds have only been available to VC but not the public.

Atomiq DeFi is pioneering the decentralized finance landscape with its mission to unlock Bitcoin liquidity through atomic swaps. By enabling direct cross-chain swaps with native Bitcoin, Atomiq DeFi eliminates the risks associated with using wrapped versions of Bitcoin. This breakthrough allows users to access DeFi securely and efficiently. Backed by a $1.5 million grant from Mintlayer, Atomiq DeFi offers a suite of innovative decentralized applications, including:

  • Atomiq DEX: The first atomic swap-powered decentralized exchange (DEX) allowing for native BTC cross-chain swaps.

  • Atomiq Pad: Enhances early-stage liquidity and promotes token distribution for Bitcoin DeFi projects.

  • Atomiq Wallet: A non-custodial wallet supporting BTC, Mintlayer tokens, and EVM-compatible assets.

  • Atomiq Bridge: Facilitates the movement of total value locked (TVL) from EVM assets, broadening DeFi capabilities.

The company is led by experienced industry veterans:

  • Zaid Ismail, CEO & Founder: A tech innovator with a background in Silicon Valley and New Zealand, Zaid has founded several medtech startups and led global teams in unicorn companies. His passion lies in enhancing Bitcoin accessibility through innovation.

  • Enrico Rubboli, CTO: With a 25-year career spanning roles as a lead developer at Tether and Bitfinex, Enrico is the founder of Mintlayer and a key driver of Bitcoin Layer2 technologies.

Atomiq DeFi's seed round, listed on De.Fi, attracted overwhelming interest from the community and investors, leading to a rapid sell-out. Despite having many venture capital commitments for the $2.4 million seed round, the company chose to offer the community an early opportunity to participate on the same terms as VCs. This move aimed to engage long-term community members and validate interest in the project’s future.

Zaid Ismail, CEO & Founder of Atomiq DeFi, stated:

“The success of our seed round, conducted through our launchpad partner De.Fi, demonstrates the growing demand for innovative solutions in the Bitcoin DeFi economy. We are proud to have engaged the wider web3 community in providing them with the same opportunity as VCs to participate in our project's future.”

The rapid sell-out of the seed round is a testament to the strong interest and belief in Atomiq DeFi’s long-term vision. This achievement not only underscores the viability of Atomiq DeFi's innovative approach but also marks one of the first instances where a seed round was successfully conducted through a launchpad. This paves the way for other projects to explore new fundraising avenues beyond traditional venture capital, particularly during challenging market conditions.

Enrico Rubboli, Founder of Mintlayer & CTO at Atomiq DeFi, added:

"The success of Atomiq DeFi's seed round, conducted through our launchpad partner De.Fi, showcases the growing appetite for secure and scalable solutions in the Bitcoin DeFi space. With our expertise in Layer2 technologies and the backing of the Mintlayer grant, we are confident in our ability to deliver a game-changing suite of decentralized applications."

Atomiq DeFi is poised to revolutionize the Bitcoin DeFi space by addressing the limitations of current DeFi methods involving Bitcoin. With a focus on direct BTC cross-chain swaps or atomic swaps, Atomiq DeFi offers a secure and scalable alternative to existing solutions, which often involve wrapped tokens and come with significant risks.

According to Pantera Capital, unlocking Bitcoin to DeFi represents a $500 billion market opportunity. Atomiq DeFi's approach to leveraging atomic swaps to tap into native Bitcoin liquidity positions the company as a leader in this burgeoning market.

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