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GoMining, a premier Bitcoin mining company operating nine top-notch data centers worldwide, has prepared an exciting lineup of community activities to celebrate the annual Bitcoin Pizza Day. The festive program will culminate with the launch of a unique Pizza Miner collection and a big community contest with amazing prizes, including a one-year supply of pizza, 2,000 GOMINING tokens, and three supercharged NFT miners from the celebratory drop.

The Pizza Miner NFT Collection

The festive Pizza Miner NFT drop will comprise only 50 digital miners with unique pizza-style designs, each one optimized for outstanding mining performance and daily Bitcoin rewards for their lucky holders. Each Pizza Miner will represent a computing power of 16 TH/s with an incredible energy efficiency of 20 W/TH.

The limited drop will become available for purchase on May 22 at 3 PM UTC, giving anyone prompt a chance to grab a unique NFT with real utility by GoMining. The Pizza Miner collection will be available on GoMining’s primary marketplace and the festive landing page.

GoMining Pizza Miner Competition

Those willing to try their luck and creativity will have a real chance to compete for three Pizza Miners from the latest collection, as well as a 2,000 GOMINING token prize and a one-year supply of pizza from GoMining in a community competition, also starting on May 22.

To participate, entrants must share a creative post on X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, or Facebook with any authentic creation, such as a photo, collage, meme, or video, that includes three essential elements: pizza, Bitcoin, and GoMining. The final requirement is to use the hashtags #pizzaminer and #bitcoinpizzaday and tag the official GoMining account on the chosen platform.

The Festive Discount

As a cherry on top, GoMining is happy to introduce a three-day-long 10% discount on all new 2 TH/s and 4 TH/s-charged digital miners available with the PIZZAMINER promo code until May 26. The discount is also available directly via this link.

When reached for a comment regarding the Bitcoin Pizza Day celebration, Mark Zalan, GoMining CEO, congratulated the crypto community and emphasized his deep belief in Bitcoin.

“Fourteen years ago, Bitcoin brought real innovation to the world of money, and I’m excited to see the progress in technology adoption made since then. The constantly growing value of the number one cryptocurrency proves the potential of decentralized finance, and I believe we still have many exciting moments ahead as cryptocurrency finds its rightful place in our daily experience. I would like to congratulate the crypto community on this highly symbolic date and share my words of respect towards former Papa John’s staff member Jeremy Sturdivant, who famously bought the first real-world good (pizza!) for Bitcoin creating an awesome origin story for the Bitcoin community of making it the one of the most expensive pizzas in history,” - Mark Zalan stated. 

About GoMining

GoMining is a global bitcoin mining company with nine data centers worldwide. Leveraging over 6 years of expertise in the crypto industry, GoMining facilitates seamless global access to daily BTC mining rewards through the ownership of GoMining NFTs, backed by real computing power.

GoMining NFTs

Virtual miners are NFTs by GoMining, backed with a real share of computing power ranging between 1 and 5,000 TH/s, depending on the NFT and its level. Each NFT can be easily upgraded in both computing power and energy efficiency attributes, allowing holders to scale their output with just a few clicks.

BTC mining rewards for holding an NFT are delivered daily to any wallet, whether internal or external, of the holder’s choice.


The native token of the GoMining ecosystem, GOMINING, is accessible on both the Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchains. The token is currently available on various exchanges, including, Bitfinex, Bitget, MEXC, and Uniswap.

GOMINING is utilized for various on-platform payments, including NFT purchasing and upgrading, as well as granting access to an additional 10% discount for electricity fees.

Disclaimer. This is a paid press release.