When prices fall back, the easiest mistake retail investors make is to blindly buy at the bottom, and they may eventually find themselves still at the top of the mountain. Today, Xianxian tells everyone: "Don't rush to buy at the bottom." Although the current price may be slightly "cheaper" than yesterday, we may find that we are still at the "top of the mountain" after a few days because the downward trend still exists.

Today's intraday plan is to prepare to ambush short orders, but the market may rebound in the morning.

However, the current K-line pattern and position do not support entry, and it is necessary to wait for clear signals before taking action. This rebound is unlikely to be very high, so there is no good opportunity to enter the market for long orders.

As for some friends who may ask: Where will this callback go? Xianxian believes that it is too early to discuss this issue now, and we should focus on the current market situation first. When the time is right, the K-line will give a clear signal. Too many predictions will only make people indulge in fantasy and will not help trading.