Bitcoin Halving Comparison Across Cycles:

Halving 2016:

  • Before the Halving event, BTC dropped by 29.36%, and post-Halving, it dropped another 28%. (Prior to that, BTC had risen by ~335%.)

  • BTC continued sideways for about 100 days before breaking out and experiencing significant upward momentum thereafter.

Halving 2020:

  • Before the Halving event, BTC corrected by 19.5% from its recent peak.

  • Sideways movement for nearly 3 months following the event.

Therefore, after 2 Halving events, it's difficult to conclude how much BTC will "sell the news" by. The fluctuations during the Halving periods also have a high degree of randomness.

The most certain conclusions drawn from the two Halving events are:

1️⃣ BTC will cool down and move sideways for a period of about 2-3 months.
2️⃣ BTC will continue its strong upward trend and reach its peak within approximately 5xx days thereafter.

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