$LTC In November 2022, Bitcoin fell to around 16500u, equivalent to RMB 118,000. The market panicked to the extreme that no one dared to buy or discuss. I gritted my teeth and swiped my credit card to spend 25,000 yuan to buy 0.2BTC (because I can understand the indicators). Then I bought 0.5BTC from January to October 2023. I thought that the output of BTC in 2024 would decrease and the computing power would increase. The cost of mining one BTC would probably be 40,000u. In 2021, the cost of mining one BTC was only 15,000u, but it could be speculated to 69,000u. Then the BTC with a starting cost of 40,000u would be speculated to around 150,000u? Equivalent to 1 million yuan, then the 0.7BTC I held would be 700,000 yuan? Who would have thought that at the end of 2023, I had a fever and was sick for half a month without getting better. I was afraid that I would not be able to survive, so I sold half of my BTC to pay off the mortgage first! Then at the beginning of the year, my dad also fell ill, similar to my previous situation. The weather was still so cold. Since there was no car at home, I could only drive a motorcycle to pick him up to the hospital for fear that he would suddenly fall. Only people at the bottom of society could understand that feeling. I thought that I still had some BTC and a little savings, which was just enough to buy a car to improve the family conditions. Then a few days later, I found an acquaintance and bought a car for 120,000 yuan. I thought about solving the current problems first. When it comes to the pattern, who doesn’t have it? I know that it is only a matter of time for BTC to break through 1 million yuan, but I can’t wait in my current situation... (Holding 0.7BTC is the closest I have ever been to the middle class) I still feel a little unwilling after selling all the BTC. I thought that LTC didn’t seem to have a pull-up? I thought it was an opportunity, so I maxed out the only two credit cards I had and bought more than 80 LTCs. Together with the ones I bought before, it was just enough for 100 LTCs. So many people asked why I didn’t buy Bitcoin or Ethereum? Why buy this garbage? I have never thought about it! It can be regarded as an investor turning into a speculator! 🙇🙇🙇🙇