CSharpCorner, the premier online global community for software developers and IT professionals, is bringing its team’s expert insights and engaging discussions to 2024’s most prestigious Web3 conferences across the globe in Mumbai, Delhi, Hong Kong, New York City, Austin, Tokyo, and Dubai. Their international roadshow exemplifies CSharpCorner's commitment to fostering collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange within the rapidly evolving landscape of AI, blockchain, and Web3.

Their Web3 world tour comes at a pivotal time for CSharpCorner as they gear up to revolutionize community engagement for their 29 million users through the integration of the Sharp Platform.  The Sharp Platform is an intelligent and decentralized social networking ecosystem that harnesses the power of blockchain and emerging technologies to empower community interaction and dynamic growth, while driving the holistic development of individuals.

Mahesh Chand, CEO of CSharpCorner said “The Sharp Platform’s growth economy model will give our users a feeling of ownership and empowerment by earning tangible rewards for their time, passion, and energy, while giving them global exposure to showcase their skills and expertise. The intent is to create an interactive user experience while helping advance the user’s personal and professional growth by learning, sharing, earning, and giving back, in a gamified environment.”

CSharpCorner has been at the forefront of Web3 education for software developers.  Its ever-growing library of Web3 content includes published articles, code, e-books, and the launch of a TV series dedicated to Web3 developers.  

CSharpCorner Web3 World Tour

On their Web3 world tour, Chand and his team will share their unique perspective as thought-leaders on the integration of AI, blockchain and gamification to revolutionize content consumption, enable context-aware discussions and to provide personalized learning experiences on community platforms at the following conferences:

1.     FinTech Festival 2024, Delhi

2.     TiEcon Delhi 2024, Delhi

3.     Globalspin, Delhi

4.     WOW Summit, Hong Kong

5.     NFT NYC 2024, New York City

6.     TEAMZ WEB3, Tokyo

7.     Blockchain Life 2024, Dubai

8.     Global Blockchain Show, Dubai

9.     Token2049, Dubai

10.  ETH Dubai, Dubai

11.  World Blockchain Summit, Dubai

12.  GISEC Global 2024, Dubai

13.  Consensus 2024, Austin

"At CSharpCorner, we’re dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of software developers who are at the forefront of technological innovation. We recognize the transformative potential of Web3 technologies and their significance in shaping the future of decentralized ecosystems," said Chand. "Our participation in these conferences reflects our dedication to empowering Web3 developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive in this dynamic industry."

About CSharpCorner

Mahesh Chand founded CSharpCorner in 1999 to fulfill a need he identified while starting out as a software developer.  His vision was to create a community where developers could come together to network, share knowledge and to focus on personal and professional development.  The CSharpCorner community has grown organically to over 29 million annual users, 3 million members and more than 1.2 million social media followers by empowering developers with valuable content and resources.

CSharpCorner supports developers by providing them with an interactive community, online courses, certifications, and networking opportunities.  In addition to tutorials, code samples, forums, and webinars, CSharpCorner currently has 75 eBooks available on the site with over 26,000 downloads in the month of March alone.

2020 saw the launch of their educational TV network, CSharpTV, which has more than 30 series and has streamed over 1200 live episodes.  CSharpTV continuously adds new content, shows and contributors to provide users with the most up to date knowledge and trends.

CSharpCorner also hosts events, global conferences, and user group meetings to further facilitate networking and learning opportunities.  To date they have organized over 70 virtual conferences with partners like Microsoft, AWS, Redgate, MongoDB and Google Cloud with a cumulative attendance of over 500 thousand. 

In October CSharpCorner will hold their third annual Web3 conference, BCrypt, as well as HackIndia Hackathon, both devoted to empowering software developers with Web3 skills.   BCrypt, one of India’s largest Web3 and blockchain events, will take place both in-person and virtually and will feature a wide variety of innovative Web3 speakers and programming.

CSharpCorner continues to evolve and grow as they remain steadfast in their commitment to advancing education for software developers and to drive forward the evolution of software development in the Web3 era.