This passage tells the story of how “memecoin mania” has come to dominate the cryptocurrency space.

From the explosive growth of Dogwifhat to the political showdown between $BODEN and $TREMP to the rise of Base memecoins, the past month has been filled with storylines. However, while many of the popular tokens currently on the market are derived from adapted Internet memes, one of the most important new coins comes from the NFT field.

Created by digital artist Darkfarms, Book of Meme ($BOME) has skyrocketed since its pre-sale launch in the early hours of March 14th. The project reached an eye-popping market cap of $1.46 billion in less than 48 hours, creating millions of millionaires in the Web3 community. At the time of writing, $BOME has a market capitalization of approximately $700 million, ranking in the top 130 on CoinMarketCap.

To demonstrate the impact Book of Meme had on cultural trends, Beeple paid tribute to the rise of this memecoin in his Everyday, and Bold Leonidas followed up with his own cartoon tribute. The unexpected success of the project also spawned its own memecoin presale. This dollar is one of the examples that saw other projects raise over $122 million but not nearly as much as $BOME's returns.

To those outside the NFT space, Darkfarms may seem like an overnight success, but the artist has been a staple in the Pepe art community for years. A frequent contributor to projects like Fake Rares and Notable Pepes, Darkfarms has also released its own series of Smowl and Derage NFTs.

Now, as the leader of Book of Meme, Darkfarms has been helping to redirect holders’ newfound liquidity to the artist community. This week, Darkfarms sold his first 1/1 Inscription on Bitcoin Ordinals for $18,888,888 ($275,000), kicking off a series of $BOME auctions by other artists including _0ND1, Chrome Void , Chris Granneberg, Emmy Walka and more.

In the midst of all this madness, we caught up with Darkfarms to reflect on the dizzying saga and discuss how he hopes to channel memetic energy forward.

nft now: Where did the inspiration for the launch of $BOME come from?

In my exploration of $BOME, I tried to immerse myself in the current meta-context, delving into shitcoins, decentralized social applications, and the evolving narrative surrounding NFTs. My intention is to foster a community where individuals can come together regardless of their PFP or blockchain allegiances.

“My intention is to foster a community where individuals can come together, unencumbered by their PFP or blockchain allegiances.”


Did you expect it to reach this level of success?

I must admit that I did not expect the success of the project. Platforms like X and Telegram have proven both rewarding and challenging, as the influx of information is often accompanied by misinformation and links to obvious scams and wallet drains.

What are your future plans for the project?

Looking ahead, the project is preparing to evolve. Every shift, every change that shapes its trajectory

Memes will all find their place in the "Book of Memes".

"Every shift, every meme that shapes its trajectory will find its place in the 'meme book.'"

Several artists have already followed your lead and launched tokens. Do you think this is an emerging trend?

As for the prospect of other artists embarking on similar ventures, it's an area worth exploring. However, this requires innovation, a desire to challenge convention, and a deep understanding of crypto history and the cultural significance of memes. While this path may be fraught with risk, I believe in those who have the courage to forge new, extraordinary careers.

Artists are now auctioning with $BOME. What do you think the future holds?

It's not about burning or $BOME prices, it's about building trust between collectors and artists. Web3 has changed a lot of things, with a lot of fast transactions and transactions happening with the help of bots, but I think we might be losing something important - the relationship between people who make art and people who love art. As I said, not as a financial opinion or anything, this move may be dangerous, but it may also be worth taking.

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