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✅ Mine right away, all you need is a laptop

❓ How to Get Started ❓

💵 Click on the link above

📝 Fill in each section

🔄 If it doesn’t work on the first try, try again

🔄 If you see "Already existing," you’re good! Login with the same details

🌿Start collecting your Grass!

Next Step: Add Google Extension 🧩

💻 Click the green button to add the extension to Chrome or Brave

🔐 Log in to the extension with your same Grass credentials

📌 Pin Grass extension for optimized access

Discover Your Dashboard 🌱

🌐 Click on "Open Dashboard" to see the points collected

Key Points 🆗

✅ Make sure your browser is open (Chrome/Brave) to maximize your earning potential

🧐 Practical Tips 👇

🥇 Be among the first generation for this amazing start-up, mine is free for as long as you like

🛜 Make sure you have a solid connection that can be running continuously while leaving your PC running as well

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