NFT gaming is no longer just a niche concept in the world of blockchain gaming. As more and more games incorporate NFT assets and mechanics, it's become an established part of the blockchain gaming landscape. Players are starting to see the value in owning unique digital assets that can be used both inside and outside of games. 

Banksters, currently in their open beta, is a new blockchain-based mobile game that is set to revolutionize the world of trading and gaming. The game's unique concept combines NFTs with fantasy trading to create an innovative experience that is both entertaining and educational. A survey of NFT game developers conducted by Game Marketing Genie found that the most popular genre of NFT games is currently trading card games. While this isn’t directly correlated with Banksters, there are undoubtedly trading and collectible game elements in the game, reaffirming that when Banksters fully launches, the interest in the game will soar to even further heights.

Banksters is a PvP (Player versus player) game that explores the world of fantasy trading, where players predict the market flow, influence it, and earn rewards. The game uses ‘Banksters’ - Digital avatars as playable characters, with unique sets of abilities to influence gameplay depending on its class. Players can choose their avatar with special powers to impact market rates, customize it, mine in-game currency, and use it as an entry fee to win Investment runs. Players can also challenge friends and other players to know who the best Bankster is.

The Importance of Learning about Trading Strategies and Market Trends

Banksters is an ideal game for those interested in learning about trading strategies and market trends. Players can learn about technical analysis, market psychology, and risk management, all while having fun in a virtual environment. Banksters' educational aspect makes it a unique gaming experience, and players can transfer the knowledge they gain from the game to real-life trading scenarios, almost like a gamified twin of usual trading.

Banksters provides players with real-time market data, and players have to predict how the market will move and strategize accordingly. This feature provides an immersive experience that simulates real-world market conditions. By competing with other players, players can test their skills, learn new strategies, and hone their trading skills.

In the world of blockchain-based games, the value of the gaming ecosystem is too often tied solely to the fluctuation of token prices. When token prices are up, interest in the game increases, but any decline in price leads to a mass exodus of players. This model is unsustainable and has been likened to a Ponzi scheme by industry experts who see it as relying on a constant flow of new entrants to sustain itself.

Unfortunately, this model tends to attract players who are solely focused on earning tokens rather than engaging with the game itself. As a result, the gaming sector experiences a mass exodus during bear markets in crypto.

Banksters prioritizes innovation and community over token price, and promises to bring new and exciting capabilities to NFT gaming. By transcending beyond the questionable models employed by existing blockchain games, Banksters aims to create a sustainable and engaging gaming ecosystem.

Differentiating from the competition

The game's avatars are BANKSTERS - digital avatars with unique sets of abilities that influence gameplay depending on their class. Players can choose their avatar and customize it with special powers to impact market rates. These powers give players an edge over their opponents, allowing them to earn rewards and climb the ranks.

Banksters is a game that requires strategy, skill, and knowledge of market trends. Players have to predict how the market will move, strategize accordingly, and use their avatar's unique powers to influence the market in their favor. By competing with other players, players can test their skills, learn new strategies, and hone their trading skills.

One of the most innovative aspects of Banksters is how it separates the game's value from the price of its native token. This means that players can enjoy the game and its rewards without being overly concerned about token fluctuations. Whether the token goes up or down, players can still win by mastering the game's mechanics and making smart trading decisions. This makes Banksters a unique and refreshing addition to the world of blockchain gaming, where many games are tied closely to cryptocurrency prices. 

By prioritizing the user experience and offering a game that's both fun and educational, Banksters is helping to push the evolution of the metaverse forward, bringing more players into the world of fantasy trading and NFT gaming.

About Banksters:

Banksters is an NFT-based Play & Earn game about crypto, mining, and investments, making it one of the few projects that attract different areas of interest from the crypto world, especially the trading audience. Users are now able to influence the outcome of their investments, even when the market goes in an undesirable direction. 

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