Coinspeaker Lens Protocol Introduces Bonsai, Blockchain-scaling Solution

The developers of Lens Protocol have launched a beta version of Bonsai, a blockchain scaling solution, as it prepares itself to endure larger numbers of transactions for users of Lens-based decentralized applications.

Aave Companies, the development organization behind Lens Protocol revealed that Bonsai was particularly designed to ease out to scaling of decentralized social media applications and allow the processing of several transactions with reduced associated rates. The announcement also describes that the new scaling solution is aimed at processing hyper-scale transactions.

This method will lower the costs and enhance the transaction rates. Since Bonsai is an L3 network, it will not add stress to the data in a way that L2 does. Moreover, it will process transactions via a data availability layer, which is a network particularly committed to preserving transaction data.

The Lens Protocol has three layers described as such. The first is the baseline security which is Ethereum, followed by Polygon for profiles, network, and content tokenization. The last one is the Bonsai itself, used for social activities. According to the blog post, Bonsai is presently being run and experimented on Lenster, a decentralized social media application with Lens Protocol. However, Lens Protocol acknowledged that it is looking forward to other apps being established on Bonsai.

Lens Protocol seeks to offer a basis for decentralized networks. The protocol proposes complete control over their personal information, comprising the ability to relocate profiles between applications and the capacity to design censorship-resistance spaces.

The protocol went live in February 2022 and the website claims that several applications were received, however, only seventeen of them are listed, which includes Lenster and Lenstube. The protocol also enjoys the involvement of more than 116,000 users.

Scalability has always been a hot topic in the decentralized space, as products are both data-intensive and engage a high throughput of transactions. Blockchains essentially suffer from both these problems. In an attempt to offer their solution, Bonsai’s team explains that Web3 has to scale to be in the same game as Web2. With the capacity to process mass consumer adoption, web3 innovation should look forward to unmatched features and business blueprints that propel the space. According to Stani Kulechov, the Chief Executive Officer of Aave and Founder of Lens Protocol, Bonsai offers hyperscalability that backs blockchain’s core values and ensures that the delivery of safe and cost-effective scalability is presented.

Lens Protocol also plans to accomplish censorship resistance for social media applications and aid them in opening new ways of content monetization with Non-Fungibel Tokens (NFTs). These include Lenster, Lens Booster, Phaver, and Lensture, etc. Lens Protocol is a social graph that provides a software stack to construct decentralized competitors to companies like Twitter and Facebook.


Lens Protocol Introduces Bonsai, Blockchain-scaling Solution