According to Odaily, DeFi asset management platform Zapper has announced its plans to launch the ZAP token on platform X in the fourth quarter. Alongside the token, Zapper will also introduce the Zapper Protocol, which will be supported by the ZAP token. Further details about the launch and the protocol will be disclosed in the future.

Zapper's move to introduce its own token and protocol is seen as a significant step in the DeFi sector. The ZAP token and the Zapper Protocol are expected to enhance the platform's functionality and user experience. However, the specifics of how the ZAP token and the Zapper Protocol will function are yet to be revealed.

The announcement has sparked interest in the DeFi community, with many eagerly awaiting more information about the ZAP token and the Zapper Protocol. The fourth quarter launch date indicates that the platform is making significant progress in its development and is ready to introduce new features to its users. The launch of the ZAP token and the Zapper Protocol is anticipated to bring about a new phase in Zapper's growth and development.