According to Odaily, a new derivative lawsuit alleges that Elon Musk violated his obligations to Tesla shareholders during the acquisition of the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, now renamed X. The lawsuit claims that Musk sold Tesla shares and misappropriated Tesla resources in the process. On Monday, the Rhode Island State Employees' Retirement System sued Musk, Tesla, and members of the Tesla board. The lawsuit alleges that Musk invested significant effort in the acquisition of the social media platform, which distracted him from his duties at Tesla, creating a conflict of interest that harmed Tesla's interests. The lawsuit represents a significant development in the ongoing saga of Musk's business ventures. It raises questions about the extent of Musk's obligations to Tesla shareholders and the appropriateness of his actions during the acquisition of the social media platform. The outcome of the lawsuit could have far-reaching implications for Musk and Tesla.