[22-25 cycle cryptocurrency trading ideas and related currency predictions] No investment advice

Category 1: BTC, ETH Although I had Fud ETH before, it is still the second currency in my mind, and I won’t go into details about the reasons. Trend prediction: BTC will reach a new high in 2025, and the overall increase of ETH is likely to be weaker than BTC. This is a judgment based on the long-term trend of the ETH/BTC exchange rate. Once the exchange rate shows signs of bottoming out, ETH will be switched to ETH.

Category 2: Old zombies of all generations EOS, XRP, BCH, LTC, SOL, AVAX, etc. Any new coins that are not released in this round are classified as old zombies. Old zombies themselves will not buy any of them. This does not mean that old zombies have no rebound at all. Of course, they will also rise in a bull market, but the magnitude is unknown, and the magnitude is likely to be weaker than BTC and ETH. If the currency circle wants to develop, it is unreasonable and unhealthy to have a row of big zombies in the front row.

Category 3: New coin ETH20 leader - ARB, OP, SSV, LDO: The market value is too high. Sister 1 has made a clear hint before, but whether you take it seriously is another matter. It is the basic logic of the currency circle that new coins will be washed for more than 1 year, or even break the issue price. Therefore, before the main upward trend of Bitcoin is completed, I will not consider buying these coins.

BRC20 leader - ORDI, PEPE: If it can survive this bear market and there are signs of accumulation at the bottom, I will choose to buy. This does not mean that I am optimistic about BRC20, I just think it has strong CX and narrative ability, and the market value of the currency is not very large, and the car is not particularly heavy. Retail investors are still in the stage of doubt (unlike arb, OP and other idiots who know that it will rise).

Other new coins - BLUR, etc.: Not interested, not optimistic. Based on these points, among the three types of coins, I would bet on brc20, not eth20 or other new coins.

Category 4: Future Coins This type of coin has not yet been issued, with huge risks and huge returns. It is said that you either die or get rich. If it has a large market value when it comes out, don't participate. If it has a small market value, take 100u or 1000u to play with it.

Category 5: NFT bull market conditions: Unless a super bull market causes funds to overflow from the currency, there is no possibility of rising. I am very pessimistic about NFT, of course, this is due to my extreme lack of recognition (belief) in NFT.

The above is my investment philosophy and does not constitute any investment advice.