😮🚀🚀Binance will list BONK, the most increasing meme coin of the last period: 100 percent increase

BONK, the Solana-based meme coin, is also coming to the Binance exchange. According to the statement, BONK is at 08.00 UTC today.it has been announced that it will be listed. The 24-hour rise in BONK after the Binance announcement also exceeded 100 percent.

BONK, which has increased very greatly recently, rising by more than 8800% since October, is now also being opened to Binance users. The stock exchange announced that it will list BONK starting from 08.00 UTC today with a statement.

Withdrawal transactions for meme coin, which will be listed in USDT, FDUSD and TRY pairs, will also be opened tomorrow again from TSI 11. The deposit transactions can be made at the moment.

Breaking record after record

As it is known, BONK has been the fastest growing and most interesting token in the recent meme coin furia. BONK, which has increased by more than 8800% since October, also rose sharply after the Binance announcement and broke a new record. BONK is trading at $ 0.000030 in the minutes when the news was written. The token's 1-month rise was also more than 1000 percent.

BONK also surpassed PEPE in terms of market value yesterday and is the 3rd largest. the meme had become coin.

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