• League of Kingdoms (LOKA) aims at building a decentralized gaming metaverse as one of the world's first blockchain MMO strategy games.

  • The LOKA token adds to the existing set of NFTs to enable governance rights and additional utilities to the League of Kingdoms community.

  • LOKA is the League of Kingdoms' native governance and utility token and is used in the following functions:

    • Governance: LOKA token holders can propose and vote on network governance decisions.

    • Medium of exchange: Users can use LOKA tokens to make payments and purchase in-game items.

    • Gamer incentivization: Users can potentially earn LOKA tokens as rewards by winning in-game competitions.

    • NFT booster: Users can use LOKA tokens to mint and upgrade NFT assets.

    • Platform rewards: Users can stake LOKA tokens to earn LOKA rewards, as well as other special NFT assets.

  • The game is a massive multiplayer online strategy game using blockchain technologies for transactions and governance.

    • Castle building game: A user can build kingdoms, develop technologies, and train troops to farm resources and hunt monsters.

    • Alliance war game: A user can join or forge an alliance to compete inside and outside of the continent.

    • Unique NFT economy: A user can own the very Land where thousands of gamers play games as NFTs. Gamers can own not only the parcels but also resources and the future growth of the game platform.

  • The project has raised 3.1MM USD from one round of private token sale, where 6.20% of the LOKA total token supply has been sold at 0.1 USD/ LOKA.

  • As at January 11th 2022, the total supply of LOKA is 500,000,000 and the circulating supply upon listing will be 50,708,974 (~10.14% of the total token supply).

1. What is the League of Kingdoms (LOKA)?

  • League of Kingdoms is one of the world's first blockchain MMO strategy games. Gamers build kingdoms, farm resources, fight monsters (PvE), and compete with enemy kingdoms (PvP) or alliances (MMO) where all the land plots are non-fungible tokens (NFT) along with tokenizable resources, skins, and many other game assets. Currently, the free-to-play strategy game is available on mobile (Android, iOS), as well as on the PC.

  • The project team aims to build a game universe where gamers can have fun together while capitalizing on their digital assets, skills, and play-time.

  • The project offers entertaining game content that appeals to not just crypto enthusiasts but also mainstream gamers.

2. Project Key Highlights

  • Engaging MMO experience: League of Kingdoms currently has 15,000 concurrent players, 80,000 daily active players, and 400,000 monthly active players. Through intercontinental battles and various other competitions, gamers can enjoy an engaging global MMO experience.

  • Diverse game modes: Gamers can enjoy everything from single-player campaigns, PvE, and PvP in one place without leaving the game universe.

  • Perfect game design for DAO: From Day 1, gamers will immerse into a world with an elaborate combination of social, economic, game-theoretic, and political elements. Governance plays a pivotal role in establishing the order which makes it the perfect environment for Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

  • World Class Development team: The development team is made of experienced game developers, designers, artists, and operators from industry-leading AAA game studios and innovative technology companies.

3. Existing Products

The League of Kingdom Arena platform consists of multi-faceted game modes, including various single play, PvE, PvP, and MMO modes, which together provide an immersive entertainment experience with mainstream appeal. Additionally, by leveraging blockchain NFT technology, the game enables player ownership of game assets and properties, which help players to capitalize on their investment and time.

  • Single Play mode: Kingdom building: Gamers can spend time building kingdoms, harvesting resources, conducting technology research, and training soldiers to develop the kingdom their own way.


  • PvE mode: Farm & Hunt: Gamers can march their troops to hunt various monsters inhabiting the continent and resource farms to gather valuable resources including food, lumber, stone, gold, and rare crystals. In the future, diverse monster battles will be introduced including “trial of agony”, the monster invasion mode.


  • PvP mode: Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate: Gamers can battle with other gamers to protect their resources and territories. During the battle, users can leverage their treasure items to boost their troops and cast debuff skills against enemy castles. In the future, more PvP content will be introduced to enrich the PvP game experience.


  • MMO mode: Alliance warfares: Gamers can team up with other players to fight in alliance battles. There are various alliance-based competitions including Siege of Shrines, CvC (Continent to Continent), and more coming soon.


  • NFT & P2E economy: All the Lands in the game are non-fungible tokens (NFT) that can be owned and developed by users. The landowners can develop their lands by inviting more users to farm resources, spend crystals, and be more active in the zones. Landowners may acquire resources, rewards, and many other opportunities in the future. League of Kingdom's resources can be tokenized and traded across blockchain, and they are one of the most frequently traded NFT assets on Polygon.

The game's treasury currently owns 94% of the total issued Land NFTs. All the proceeds from the future Land sale will be captured by the community vault which will potentially be controlled by the LOKA holders.


  • Market tested game product: Since launching in July 2020, League of Kingdom has become one of the most played blockchain games. The game is played daily by more than 80,000+ users globally from more than 210 countries. The game's 7-days retention rate is well above 30% which is almost 4 times higher than peers in its benchmark (hardcore games).


Source: LOKA Documentation

4. Token sales and economics

4.1 Token sales data

Token Name


Token Type


Total Token Supply

500,000,000 LOKA

Private Sale Allocation

31,000,000 LOKA

Private Sale Token Price

0.10 USD / LOKA

Private Sale Amount Raised

3,100,000 USD

Binance Launchpad Sale Allocation

25,000,000 LOKA

Binance Launchpad Sale Price

0.16 USD / LOKA

Binance Launchpad Amount to be Raised

4,000,000 USD

Initial Circ. Supply When Listed on Binance

50,708,974 LOKA (10.14%)

4.2 Token allocation

Token Name


Private Sale

6.20% of the total token supply

Binance Launchpad Sale

5.00% of the total token supply


20.00% of the total token supply

Staking Rewards

20.00% of the total token supply

Game Rewards

13.00% of the total token supply

Land Rewards

5.00% of the total token supply


2.00% of the total token supply


9.80% of the total token supply


19.00% of the total token supply

LOKA token allocation

LOKA token release schedule

5. Project team

Chan Lee
Chief Executive Officer
CEO of UNOPND, Cofounder/CEO of NOD Games, former Co-Founder of NEXTMATCH, founding board member of DAYLI Financial Group (Former holding company of Coinone exchange and ICON).
Steve Hwang
Chief Technology Officer
Cofounder/CTO of NOD Games. Former CTO of Weneepl, CEO of 109 studio, software engineer of Electronics Arts(EA), and founding team of Com2us holdings (previous Gamevil).
Han Yoo
Chief Operating Officer
COO of NOD Games, previous Associate Product Manager at LG Electronics US.

6. Roadmap, updates, and business development

6.1 Completed Milestones

Completion Date



2020: Q3

Game Beta Launch

2020: Q4

Land Portal Launch

2021: Q1

Land Main sale

2021: Q2

CvC Battlefield Island

2021: Q3

CvC Tournament

6.2 Updated roadmap

1H 2022:

  • Launch of the Ancient battlefield CvC

  • Launch of Skin NFT tokenization

  • Launch of NFT Marketplace

  • Launch of reward dashboard

  • Launch of land reward hub

2H 2022:

  • Launch of PvP arena

  • Launch of MMO Guild war game


  • Launch of Governance agora

  • Launch of Esports dashboard

  • Launch of GameFi dashboard

  • Launch of NFT Interoperability bridges


  • Launch of Foundation DAO with LOKA staking

6.3 Commercial partnerships and business development progress

  • Yield Guild Games (YGG): YGG is the world's largest Play-to-Earn guild. The partnership with YGG will allow the League of Kingdoms to tap into the vast user base where YGG's scholarship network is established.

  • PathDAO: PathDAO is one of the leading Play-to-Earn gaming guilds to pave the road for communities to enter Metaverse. The partnership with PathDAO will grow the game's presence in the Web3 gaming space while maximizing the social impact.

  • The SandBox: The Sandbox is a virtual Metaverse where players can play, build, own, and monetize their virtual experiences. The partnership with The SandBox helps the League of Kingdoms to have not only properties in the emerging metaverse but also form the bedrock for powering potential interoperability in the future.

  • MakerDAO: MakerDAO is a decentralized stablecoin issuance platform. League of Kingdoms partnered with MakerDAO for in-game DAI reward distribution. Also, League of Kingdoms is one of the DAI gaming initiative bounty program winners.

  • Kyber Network: Kyber Network is an on-chain liquidity protocol. League of Kingdoms integrated with Kyber Network for meta-transaction token swaps during the Land sale in Mid 2020 and Early 2021.

  • UNOPND: UNOPND is a start-up studio powered by Hashed with deep expertise in NFT / Metaverse. The partnership and collaboration with UNOPND will add unparalleled value to the League of Kingdoms which aims to build a gaming metaverse.

7. Community

8. Appendix

8.1 Advisors