2021-07-08 12:00 PM (UTC) to 2021-07-12 12:00 PM (UTC)
TopGoal is an officially licensed digital collectible with NFT and blockchain empowered metaverse of soccer – the world's no.1 sport.
Join and play the game with legendary soccer player cards only owned by you. Build your fantasy squad, and collect the greatest moments of the players you support.
Return of Legends S1 features 12000 NFT game cards from TopGoal and will be exclusively available on Binance NFT Marketplace.
This premium NFT collection presents officially licensed NFTs of epic moments from three worldwide famous soccer stars:
Owen, the England legend who was famous for his wind-like speed.
Rivaldo, the Brazilian legendary attacker with incredible left foot technology who won both Ballon d'Or and the FIFA World Player in 1999.
Guti, a talented Spanish midfielder with an extraordinary imagination, who was also regarded as the "Golden Wolf" by fans because of his blond hair and handsome appearance.
This batch of mystery boxes is a Special Collector's Edition with NFT cards to be used in future TopGoal soccer game. The mystery boxes contain three quality tiers including Rare, Epic and Legendary. Besides these NFT cards, each soccer star has one special auction NFT with Legendary quality.
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Return of Legendary
Nothing compares to the experience of collecting TopGoal packs, especially for soccer fans and NFT collectors. Get your NFT game cards today and build your fantasy squad.
Collect the greatest moments of the players and play TopGoal game with legendary soccer player cards only owned by you in the future. The 1st batch of TopGoal NFT game cards are available from 8 July to 11 July. This batch of mystery boxes is Special Collector's Edition, which does not contain common quality NFT cards.
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Owen - 98/06/30 v Argentina - Legendary
In the 1998 World Cup, Owen shocked the world in the match between England and Argentina during the 1/8 finals. In the 16th minute of the first half, Owen ran for a long distance after receiving a pass from Beckham, shook off Ayala and scored the goal towards the far post. It is considered the most impressive goal in the tournament. It is the light of hope that blew away the haze of England’s loss from the penalty shootout. Then, Owen was given a nickname ‘Wonder Boy’.
Rivaldo - 01/06/18 v Valencia - Legendary
In the 38th round of La Liga in the 2000-01 season, Barcelona and Valencia competed for the Champions League seat. Barcelona would lose if the 2-2 score remained till the end. But in 87 minutes, a miracle happened. Rivaldo received a ball from the Valencia defender in front of the penalty area. Facing the intense defense behind his back, Rivaldo jumped up and scored the goal towards dead corner with his left foot by a brilliant bicycle kick. Barcelona beat Valencia 3-2. This goal satisfies the fans' imagination of the bicycle kick.
Guti - 06/01/14 v Sevilla - Legendary
In the 19th round of La Liga in the 2005-06 season, Guti staged a stunning performance against Sevilla: In the 60th minute of the game, Guti, with his position almost completely back to Zidane, suddenly jumped up and used his back heel to send an assist with full of imagination. This unexpected long pass, successfully deceived all the defenders of Seville, and Zidane scored the goal. This is the flash of light generated by the two geniuses of the Galácticos team. As Zidane said about Guti, "When a volcano erupts, nothing can stop..."