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Meebits Of Yuga Labs Released A Collectible Music Album

Harold - Coincu
2022-12-22 07:04
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Key Points:
  • Yuga Lab’s Meebits released an album in collaboration with the generative AI music platform WarpSound, a division of Authentic Artists.
  • Meebits also launched a music album that is collectible as ERC-1155 NFTs.
  • The album resulted from a collaboration with WarpSound, a subsidiary of the generative AI music platform Authentic Artists.
Meebits, an NFT collection of Yuga Lab, released an album in conjunction with WarpSound, a platform for generative AI music.
The Yuga Labs’s NFT collection also launched a music album that is collectible as ERC-1155 NFTs.
You are free to use these songs in any creative project! If you do, please tag @MeebitsNFTs and @warpsound_ai on social media; we’d love to see them. Learn more and download the tracks from the @yugalabs official blog.
— Meebits (@MeebitsNFTs) December 21, 2022
To provide AI-generated music to the Meebits community on their new brand center,, Authentic Artists, and Yuga Labs, the Web3 company behind Bored Ape Yacht Club, announced a new partnership on November 3.
Danny Greene, Meebits Brand Lead at Yuga Labs, comments on the partnership:
“Meebits is a community that loves to have fun and push the boundaries of what’s possible when you blend personal identity, expression, and joy. WarpSound’s innovative music tech was a perfect fit for our new brand hub. We see a lot of power in what they’re building and think our community will love the AI beats that WarpSound is dropping on the site.”
The album is the result of a relationship with WarpSound, a division of Authentic Artists, a platform for generative AI music, which just announced a partnership with Yuga.
WarpSound offers metaverse experiences, such as live audience co-creation of AI-driven virtual artist performances. Through creating one-of-a-kind, musical artifacts based on WarpSound’s virtual artists, the platform of WarpSound has also enabled musical identification at scale. WVRPS by WarpSound, which combines AI-composed music with generative PFP art, has surpassed all other music NFT collections on OpenSea.
The 22 songs on the album (13 of which have just been released) can be listened to by users on music streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Meebits users simply need to pay for gas to collect the NFTs.
The electronic music ranges from slow and somber emotions to more lively and entertaining sounds, with songs like “Teenage Halloween,” “The Magic Dragon Wagon,” and “Clap for Chumps.”
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