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Yuga Labs Launches Bug Bounty Program With Up To $50,000 Rewards

Foxy - Coincu
2022-12-15 05:34
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Yuga Labs announced its bug bounty program through HackerOne on Wednesday. The program will offer rewards of up to $50,000 to those who find vulnerabilities and issues in the company’s platform, social accounts, and communication channels.
HackerOne is a security platform that connects businesses with ethical hackers and cybersecurity testers. Yuga Labs previously ran a bug bounty program since July on an invite-only basis with a “network of over 800 responsible hackers,” but is now expanding the program to the public.
We are excited to announce the public launch of our bug bounty program. Security is a top priority for us and we want reward to those who help find and report bugs for us to squash. Learn more here:
— Yuga Labs (@yugalabs) December 14, 2022
Rewards will be provided for “valid vulnerability reports affecting our service, website, social accounts and Discord servers” and “anything that may cause disruption to the community” our site – such as appropriating, manipulating content, or injecting arbitrary code into our site,” according to the Project Blog.
The payout structure is divided into the following brackets:
  • Low severity problem: $250-$1,000
  • Moderately serious problems: $1,000-$5,000
  • High severity problem: $5,000-$25,000
  • Serious Serious Problems: $25,000-$50,000
As updated in a recent Coincu News article, Scott & Scott have launched a class-action lawsuit against 40 individuals and corporations, including Yuga Labs and MoonPay.
These massive collections are claimed by the Complaint to be part of a “grand conspiracy” to profit from celebrity popularity. The identities of the famous people have been hidden.
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