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Binance NFT Marketplace Upgrades, Chibi Dinos Drop, & Nike Ventures Into Web3

Binance NFT Weekly Highlights
2022-11-16 12:17
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News Roundup

OpenSea Makes Waves: Says Creator Royalties Will Be Enforced - OpenSea said Wednesday it is standing by creators and continuing to enforce royalties on the platform. It shared that since October 12th, the average percentage of fees received by the top 20 NFT collections dropped from 77% to 56%.
Fractional NFTs and what they mean for investing in real-world assets - Tokenized ownership is not a new concept. Before the advent of NFTs, tokenization was a way for users to fractionalize real-world assets. However, fractional NFTs provide a new way for investors to divide the cost and transfer ownership of particular assets.
Luxury Watch Brand Rolex Sets Foot in Metaverse & NFTs - Rolex filed a trademark application for NFT marketplaces. The watchmaker also calls for the development of virtual goods for online gaming.
Line Introduces NFT Marketplace on DOSI, Its NFT Platform - LineNext, Line’s NFT unit, has released a C2C or consumer-to-consumer market on DOSI, an NFT platform. Users can purchase and sell non-fungible tokens worldwide by using the C2C trading service.
Magic Eden’s Co-Founder Proposed A New NFT Standard To Enforce Royalties - The CEO of Magic Eden believes that the implementation of this standard is expected to create a new asset class to support those who want royalties or a new business model.
Nike Ventures Into Web3 with Its new .SWOOSH Platform - .SWOOSH is positioned as the focal point of Nike’s Web3-related digital initiatives. It is intended to draw attention to the company’s NFTs and virtual apparel initiatives, as well as upcoming opportunities for customers to participate in the creation of new products and earn royalties.

Introducing an Enhanced NFT Experience on Binance NFT Marketplace

Binance NFT is pleased to introduce the first phase of upgrades to the Binance NFT Marketplace, which increase the accessibility of NFT assets and establish a seamless user experience for all who wish to explore NFTs from multiple NFT marketplaces and blockchains. The revamped platform will now include OpenSea NFTs in addition to NFTs listed on Binance NFT Marketplace.
This is an exciting milestone on Binance NFT’s journey to become the go-to destination for NFTs, as we continue to build a user-friendly and comprehensive NFT trading platform for the global NFT community. Learn more in our announcement and blog!

Latest NFT Drop(s)

From Arts, Sports, Gaming to Collectibles and more, check out our marketplace to discover more NFTs!
Upcoming AMA
Telegram AMA with @Puffverse
Nov 16, 10 AM UTC!
Our focus will be the Puff Football Mystery Box Collection, dropping soon on Binance NFT.
A prize pool of 200 BUSD will be divided between 10 winners.
To win:
⚽️Ask great questions
⚽️Ace the AMA pop-quiz
We’re hosting a Binance Live AMA with @DinosChibi! The event will also be broadcasted to our Twitter & YouTube!
Mark your calendars & be ready to discuss the Chibi Dinos Champions Collection.
⏰Nov 16, 5 PM UTC

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