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Displaying NFTS: Seven Best Ways to Show Off Your Collection

Binance NFT
2022-11-01 09:22
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News Roundup

  • Art Blocks’ Friendship Bracelet Project to Explore Digital Artwork NFT in the Physical World - This has come with Art Blocks addressing that they are certainly obsessed with sunsets, and in this project, Eric, the Founder of Art Blocks, and Alexis André will be carrying out the exploration of the representation of digital artwork in the physical world. As revealed in a Twitter thread, the project is inspired by Judd’s capability to facilitate the creation of extraordinary pieces utilizing materials that are easily accessible.
  • LooksRare Becomes the Latest Platform to Forgo Royalty Requirements - LooksRare recently announced that it will no longer support creator royalties by default and instead share 25% of the LooksRare Protocol fee with the creator’s/collection owners. Hence, it is the first zero-royalty marketplace to support creators by directly sharing protocol fees. Moreover, the platform has modified the “Trading Rewards” distribution ratio to favor sellers.
  • Twitter Users to Buy and Sell NFTs Through Tweets - Twitter declared its cooperation with four marketplaces, Magic Eden, Rarible, Dapper Labs, and, to enable users to buy, sell, and display NFTs through tweets directly. The integration, known as NFT Tweet Tiles, places an NFT’s artwork in a separate panel within a tweet and includes a button that directs visitors to a listing on a marketplace.
  • SEBA Bank Introduces Regulated Custody for Ethereum NFTs - Swiss bank SEBA introduces a custody service specialized in NFTs. Now, SEBA’s clients have the opportunity to deposit Ethereum-based NFT collections in their bank accounts, just like other types of digital assets. The new feature gives customers the possibility to hold valuable NFTs without having to manage private keys. The bank, on the other hand, will include the tokens in the total wealth picture of its clients.
  • Norway Steps Into Metaverse With Decentraland Tax Office - The Brønnøysund, Norway’s central register, and Skatteetaten, the nation’s tax authority, announced that they’re partnering with consulting firm Ernst and Young (EY) to establish an office in Decentraland. The goal of the initiative, according to Nokios, is to deliver services to younger, tech-native individuals while establishing their Web3 footprint.
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Highlights From This Week

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Dvision Land Mystery Box

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Upcoming NFT Drop(s)

Beastmode Metaverse x #NeymarJr. Human NFT collection

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Displaying NFTs: How Best To Show Off Your Collection

The non-fungible token (NFT) market is now worth billions of dollars, and owners of digital artwork are thinking hard about the best ways to display their collections. Check out this article to discover seven different ways for people to show off their NFTs.
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