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NFT Weekly Highlights : NFTs Are Changing the Way of Experience Collectibles

Binance NFT
2022-10-04 12:12

News Roundup

  • Moet Hennessy Step Into Web3 With Recent NFT & Metaverse Trademark Applications - Luxury alcohol brand, Moet Hennessy, has filed five Web3 trademark applications. The applications are associated with NFTs and the metaverse; however, they open the possibility for a physical store integration based on Web3 technology via QR codes. Moet Hennessy will offer NFT and digital token validation of digital collectibles and art images, alcoholic beverages associated with NFTs via QR code on packaging, online or physical retail store solutions in terms of virtual goods, and virtual restaurants and bar services in online virtual spaces.
  • Christie’s Auction House Announces On-Chain NFT Art Platform - The new platform, called Christie's 3.0, was created in partnership with blockchain data firm Chainalysis, NFT minting platform Manifold and metaverse builder Spatial. The entire auction process, including all pre-and-post sale transactions, will be carried out on the Ethereum blockchain.
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Highlights From This Week

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Are NFTs Changing the Way We Experience Collectibles?

Besides the feeling of exclusivity you get from owning a rare collectible, some digital collectibles also act as membership keys, offering holders perks like exclusive access to communities and playability in NFT games. Keep on reading to find out how NFTs have revolutionized the collectible experience for both collectors and creators alike.
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