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NFT Weekly Highlights:Physical NFTs Are Booming

Binance NFT
2022-09-27 08:53
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News Roundup

Disney’s Latest Job Posting Hints at Big Plans for NFT and Crypto Adoption - The Walt Disney Company posted a job listing on Friday for a principal counsel specializing in NFTs and DeFi, hinting at its broader Web3 expansion across the Disney ecosystem.
Pop culture retail brand Funko Teams Up With Warner Brothers for DC Comics' NFT Release - The physical and digital comic book collectible will be available exclusively through retail giant Walmart. The “phygital” bundle includes a comic book cover from DC’s “The Brave and the Bold,” in both printed form and as an NFT redeemable online.
Jack Daniel’s Prepared to Move Into Metaverse via Virtual Whiskey and NFTs - Whiskey brand, Jack Daniel’s, has filed a trademark application to become a part of the metaverse and NFTs, with plans to offer NFTs, downloadable media associated to beverages validated by NFTs, virtual goods like apparel, beverages, sundries and barware to be used in online virtual worlds, and more.
Adobe’s Figma Acquisition Might Boost Visual NFT Initiatives - Figma is a web design application that Adobe is acquiring for $20 billion, with an intent to take on its biggest rival. Adobe aims at merging some of its existing features like photography, illustration, and video technology with Figma’s products.
Starbucks Plans Launch of NFT Rewards Program Using Polygon (MATIC) - Coffee retail chain, Starbucks, is moving to bring the future of web3 dining to the coffee industry by launching Starbucks Odyssey, a program that will enable customers to earn and buy digital assets.
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Highlights From This Week

Latest NFT Drop(s)

BurgerCities Gen 0 Hero Ticket

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New Features and Updates

New feature of transaction record is launched on Binance NFT. Users can view your NFT/Mystery Box transaction history on Binance NFT from the Binance website and the NFT mini app within the Binance App now.
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Physical NFTs: Bridging the Gap Between Digital and Physical Worlds

Physical NFTs are gaining traction, with popular brands like Adidas, GAP, and Nike having released their own NFTs that come with a corresponding physical clothing item. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly physical NFTs are and how they’re being used.
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