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NFT Weekly Highlights (3 Sep - 9 Sep)

Binance NFT
2022-09-09 04:18
Full disclaimer: This platform includes third party opinions. We do not endorse their accuracy. Digital asset prices can be volatile. Do your own research.See full terms here.

News Roundup

  • SONY Music Files Crypto Related Trademarks - Sony Music is filing a trademark application for the Columbia Records logo with plans to use it for NFT-backed media, music and podcast production, artist management, and music distribution services.
  • a16z Introduces Free NFT Licensing Framework to Control Ownership - Venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz, also known as a16z, is all set to enable a free NFT licensing framework. It provides six types of lawyer-vetted licenses creators can use to control ownership of an artwork. The firm comes to this move with a primary goal to unleash the ‘economic potential’ of the digital artwork sector.
  • LG Taps Hedera Blockchain for NFT Marketplace - Users will be able to explore, buy, sell and trade NFTs on LG’s smart television sets. LG Art Lab will also incorporate onscreen QR codes to enable users to complete transactions with the help of the company’s crypto wallet for smartphones, called Wallypto, which is also built on Hedera.
  • Vitalik Buterin’s Book “Proof of Stake” Will Also Be Available In NFT - The Co-Founder of the world’s most popular smart contract, Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin will be releasing a physical and digital book “Proof of Stake.”, that will also be available in NFT. The Book will be revealingly comprised of his various writings over the last ten years. The prime focus will be on the NFT of the Book.

Highlights From This Week

Latest NFT Drop

WIN NFT HERO Mystery Box

2022-09-05 0:00 AM(UTC) to 2022-09-08 12:00 PM (UTC)
WIN NFT HERO is a "GameFI+NFT" multi chain strategy game. Each hero in WIN NFT HERO has his or her own position. Both tanks and attackers are indispensable in winning battles. Heroes of the same class or gene will form bonds, which will substantially boost the squad's performance in battles.

Hero Card Genesis Sale

2022-09-06 11:00 (UTC)
Hero Card is a brand new card game launched by X World Games, which is different from Dream Card V1/V2. The simple card competition format and entertaining gameplay combination is very easy to get started with. Each Hero Card is a collectible designed by famous artists with ACGN art style.

Kryptomon's NFT Hunter Club

2022-09-09 11:00 AM (UTC)
Kryptomon is a Play & Earn blockchain game in which trainers and their Kryptomon explore the vast world of Kogaea. Care for your Kryptomons and they will serve you well in the PVP battles against trainers around the world. While dedication and skill will pave your road to victory, these mystery boxes contain everything you need to become the strongest (and snazziest looking) trainer. A fearless Kryptomon to fight by your side, a limited edition digital & physical hoodie and so much more!

Super Boxes of Star Duke

2022-09-09 12:00 (UTC)
Star Duke is an innovative decentralized gaming metaverse, where users can explore various civilizations in the universe. The series provides planetary land, R&D bases and spacecraft, which are essential assets in Star Duke. NFT holders can enjoy the game and earn income through staking, trading, leasing, and more.

New Features and Updates

List NFTs in Bulk on Binance NFT Marketplace
You can list and delist your NFTs and Mystery Boxes on the Binance NFT Marketplace in bulk using the new Batch List feature. Learn more here.

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