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Binance Announces Co-Founder Yi He as Head of Binance Labs with $7.5 Billion in Assets Under Management

2022-08-03 15:46
Binance announced on Wednesday that its co-founder He Yi has become the head of Binance Labs, its venture capital and incubation division, and will be responsible for Binance Labs’ global strategy and day-to-day operations. Binance Labs currently manages $7.5 billion in total assets, making it the largest crypto-asset venture capital firm in the industry.
He Yi stated that its vision is to promote the popularization of Web3 and blockchain technology by “establishing blockchain industry standards,” and Binance Labs will also focus on investing in more capable, long-term-minded founders and shapers of the industry’s future. In addition to Binance Labs, He Yi will continue to lead and support key Binance businesses and departments, including customer service, institutional business, marketing, Binance C2C and Binance Wealth Management.
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