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OTC Weekly Trading Insights - Jul 22, 2022: BTC finally rallies!

Binance OTC
2022-07-22 11:50
  • This week the market started off with a bang as BTC rallied nearly 16% playing catch up with ETH. ETH has led the way for the market for the week, currently up over 40% since last Thursday.
  • There has been an increase in buying volume across MATIC, AVAX and BOND. Interestingly, despite the market increase both MANA & CHZ experienced greater sell volume on our convert portal.
  • MATIC recently announced a new product, Polygon zkEVM, the first ETH-equivalent scaling solution that has been described as a “major leap forward”. Read more here!
  • BOND has seen an unexpected increase in volume and price this week as it is up 350% for the last 7 days, whilst it is unknown what has caused the huge spike we will take a look deeper into the charts!
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Convert Portal Volume Breakdown
  • Once again this week, stablecoin swaps have topped the list increasing 14.84%. As the market fluctuates, price inefficiencies will occur across stablecoins. High frequency trading algos may take advantage of these movements, jumping in and out of stablecoin positions.
  • Second on the list was crypto to stablecoin transactions decreasing 5.07%, suggesting that at these price levels investors are still moving to the sidelines but are more reluctant to.
  • Despite the recent market increase, transactions to crypto across the board have decreased since last week. Taking stablecoin to crypto, we have seen a 3.21% decrease, whereas BTC is currently up over 13% in the last 7 days! This is very surprising, and may hint that these price rallies are not as strong as originally anticipated.

Overall market technicals

BTC: A break to the upside!

  • BTC has seen huge moves to the upside this week as price is currently up nearly 13% since Monday.
  • Last week BTC formed a new lower high as price traded above the previous low of $18,751. Price saw an immediate move to the upside as this set the stage for a further rally.
  • Since then, BTC formed an upwards trend line that was well respected for the week, as we then traded above the weekly resistance that has flipped to support.
  • As it stands, BTC is currently trading around $23,400, just above the weekly support level. For bullish momentum to continue, we will need to see a clean break above the range high of $24,279. The next target will then be around $28,000, which was previous support.
  • As mentioned in the volume breakdown above, we have seen a decrease in transactions to crypto. Looking at volume on the chart, as price has increased, volume has decreased, indicating volume divergence.
  • The Crypto Fear & Greed Index is at ‘33’ showing Fear within the market, increasing by 18 points from last week.
  • BOND was a coin of interest this week as it saw unprecedented volume spikes, resulting in a huge price rally.
  • As it stands, BOND is currently up over 350% for the week, making it one of the top performers in the market.
  • Looking at the charts, after a sustained down period BOND made an all-time low of around $2.20 last month. BOND then traded sideways before making its first leg up earlier this week.
  • The move comes after the announcement that the platform will be releasing a V2 version.
  • As with all coins that experience high volatility, please approach with caution, choppy price action can be difficult to interpret and pose significant risk!

Crypto calendar
07/31/22 - ADA Vasil Hardfork
09/28/22 - TOKEN2049 Singapore
News events of note
Elon Dumps - Tesla has disclosed that they have sold 75% of their BTC holdings to boost their cash holdings.
Mincecraft bans NFTs! - Microsoft recently announced that they are banning NFT’s from Minecraft as the ongoing battle between traditional and Web3 gaming continues!
Reddit adopts NFTs! - On the contrary this week, reddit has launched a Polygon-Based collectible avatar marketplace. This will allow users to purchase blockchain based profile pictures.
More news found here!
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