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Three Arrows Capital Blue Chip NFT May Be Liquidated in Bankruptcy Proceedings

Taylor Scott - Bitcoinist
2022-07-05 03:59
Less than a week since filing for bankruptcy in the state of New York, it’s now been revealed that Three Arrows Capital has a bevy of blue-chip NFT holdings, which could very well be liquidated in 3AC’s bankruptcy proceedings.
A team of analysts at 21Shares took publicly available data from Dune Analytics and built their own dashboard of known 3AC addresses with Ethereum network holdings. Those assets include nearly a dozen CryptoPunks, roughly $2.5M worth of ArtBlocksCurated, a variety of ArtBlocks, Autoglyphs, Chromie Squiggles and Mutant Apes – and even a lone Bored Ape. The collection of CryptoPunks is the most valuable, coming in at a current value north of $3M. NFT assets total north of $7M in today’s value.
Other insights and notes from the dashboard:
  • Only liquid, Ethereum-based assets are reflected
  • Beyond NFTs, 3AC was primarily holding stablecoins in these wallets
  • No transactions posted since June 21
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