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Web3 Gaming Company Speaks Out, Nintendo GameCube Logo Plagiarized?

Reynaldo Marquez - Bitcoinist
2022-07-05 02:25
Web3 gaming console manufacturer Polium revealed their first product, the Polium One. This community-driven project aims to build the “world’s first multi-chain gaming console”.
However, the project attempts to get a foothold in an industry that has been primarily hostile towards cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a key component in Web3 initiatives. Gamers believe these assets and their underlying technology are a tool for implementing microtransactions.
Some gamers also claimed cryptocurrencies contribute to global warming and generally have a negative stance against the industry. Therefore, it is not surprising that Polium’s announcement saw a lot of negative interactions.
The critics pointed out the resemblances between the Web3 gaming console’s logo and the Nintendo GameCube logo. Polium denied that they copied the Nintendo product’s logo saying that there “are multiple companies that are using” a similar one.
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