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Ripple’s Defendants File Oppostion To SEC’s Proposed Redactions

Ashish Kumar-Coingape
2022-06-28 06:42
Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen, Ripple defendants in the lawsuit against US SEC have filed an opposition letter to the commission’s proposed redactions.

Ripple’s letter not possess any risks

In the letter, the Defendants mentioned that the SEC’s proposed redactions are “extensive”. This should not be granted without seriously undermining the tradition of an open judicial system. It highlighted that even while sealing documents on the grounds of safety, the court has only permitted some narrow redactions. The details like names and locations of witnesses have been censored earlier.
Defendants argued that the suggested redactions have nothing to do with claimed safety concerns. The letter highlights that the motions do not even mention the expert’s name. Thus it does not pose any risk.
The SEC has asked to seal three things from Ripple’s reply. The authority has appealed against (1) the description of a flaw in the expert’s methodology. (2) Argument which mentions inconsistency of SEC’s take on its sealing request. (3) two other arguments highlight the authority’s position.
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