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Solana Pay Adds Customized Transaction Request for Merchants

Shaurya Malwa - CoinDesk
2022-05-05 09:11
Solana Pay will facilitate transaction requests between merchants and users with a feature that went live on the protocol this week, according to a post by Solana developers.
1/ Solana Pay takes another leap forward with transaction requests — enabling 2-way interactions between merchants and consumers: 🧵 #SolanaPay
— Solana (@solana) May 4, 2022
  • Developers added the transaction request feature to allow merchants to provide customized transaction links to users, such as unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or virtual gifts.
  • The merchant receives the wallet address in the request and can respond with a customized transaction for the customer. This means any Solana transaction would allow interactive requests between a checkout app and a mobile wallet.
  • “Merchants and brands can create dynamic experiences that send tokens, invitations, and gifts to customers,” the post reads. They could range from the minting of unique NFTs, customized discounts and tokenized loyalty programs.
  • Merchants can decline to respond to a transaction request, which could be used to allow permissioned payments, such as in cases where authentication is required.
  • The Pay product previously allowed only one-way transfers between users, such as those of Solana’s SOL, USD Coin (USDC), NFTs, and other supported tokens.
  • Solana wallets Phantom and Solflare support the new feature, developers said.
  • SOL prices bumped up 9% in the past 24 hours, CoinGecko data show. The tokens outperformed the market as bitcoin and ether rose 5% on average.
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