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Weekly NFT news roundup - Bitcoinist
Taylor Scott-Bitcoinist
2022-04-11 05:28

This Week’s Non-Fungible Token News

DAO Maker Joins In On NFTs

Commonly associated with its engagement in the DeFi landscape, DAO Maker is broadening its horizons after launching its NFT issuance market this week. DAO Maker joins a growing list of altcoins to make a strong push in the NFT space, including the likes of Polygon, Terra, Cardano, Avalanche, and plenty more.
The protocol’s first collection? A collaboration with football legend Maradona. More details on that in tomorrow’s Bitcoinist release of The Sports Slice.

Starbucks Announces NFTs, But Company Issues Still Loom Large

Starbucks is facing a growing internal push for unionization, of which CEO Howard Schultz is not particularly fond of. Momentum is certainly not in Schultz’ favor, either, as now half of U.S. states feature a Starbucks store that has filed for a union election.
This week, Schultz and Starbucks top brass announced their intent to dive into NFTs “sometime this year,” but within just a few hours after the statement, the company fired a top union leader who had been with Starbucks for several years. Many have cited the NFT announcement as a smokescreen to ease the troubling headlines around the company’s challenges with dealing with unionization.

OpenSea’s Solana Support For NFTs Goes Live

It was in just last week’s Nutshell that we heard about OpenSea’s latest update on Solana – that it would be coming sometime in April. Things move quickly in the space, as this week, Solana support went live on the largest NFT marketplace in the business.
OpenSea announced on April 7 that they are “currently supporting 165 collections, and adding more every day.”

The UK’s ‘Royal’ NFT

The UK government seemingly isn’t shying away from NFTs, as they are working on NFTs with ‘The Royal Mint,’ a government-owned mint known for unique coin designs. What will it look like? No mock-ups or leaks yet, but it’s been described as an “emblem of the forward-looking approach the UK is determined to take.”
What does that forward-looking approach look like when it comes to crypto, NFTs, and all the rest? From what we’ve heard thus far, the UK government wants to take a relatively pro-crypto stance while still having a presence with regulations. The country’s Economic Secretary to the Treasury, John Glen, has stated that the UK government aims to “protect consumers by legislating to bring certain crypto-assets into the scope of financial promotions regulation.”
Nonetheless, the UK government is making a clear effort, as they have laid out a number of different initiatives that they believe will make crypto more efficient and effective in the country. That includes things like a ‘Cryptoasset Engagement Group,’ a more competitive tax system around crypto, and even a Bank of England-supervised payments network that aims to be a ‘financial market infrastructure sandbox.’
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