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LimeWire returns, now as an NFT marketplace

Luke Martin - Cryptowisser
2022-03-10 11:01
The former peer-to-peer file sharing service LimeWire announced on Wednesday that it will relaunch in May as an NFT Marketplace. Its initial focus will be on music-related collectibles. The new LimeWire will allow artists to sell non-fungible tokens representing songs.
NFTs will be priced in US dollars, and LimeWire will accept payments in fiat currencies via bank transfers and credit cards. LimeWire has yet to announce which blockchain it will use, but has confirmed it will be energy-efficient, fast, and will allow the bridging of assets to Ethereum and sidechain scaling solution Polygon.
No official musician partnerships have been announced, though Tareef Michael, the manager of the Wu-Tang Clan, will be an adviser to LimeWire.
Source: Twitter
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