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Alphabet's CEO says the company is "looking at blockchain"

2022-02-02 12:34
Google's parent company Alphabet is exploring blockchain technology, its CEO Sundar Pichai said on a conference call on Tuesday.
Answering an analyst's question on the company's fourth quarter earnings call, Pichai said: “On Web3, we are definitely looking at blockchain and such an interesting and powerful technology with broad applications, so much broader again than any one application.”
"Any time there is innovation, I find it exciting," Pichai said in response to a question about the technology. "I think it’s something we want to support the best we can."
Pichai also cited a recent announcement the company's cloud division made to win more contracts with companies working on "digital assets", Mint reported.
Google (whose parent company is Alphabet) recently hired a former PayPal executive to head its payments division. The CEO of YouTube, the video-sharing platform which Google also owns, said it was actively exploring adding features around non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for its video creators.
The news comes amid a broader push among technology giants into blockchain-related spaces. Meta is reportedly working on building an NFT marketplace for users, while Twitter rolled out a feature that lets users officially verify NFTs used for their profile pictures.
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