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Futures Weekly Wrap (Jan 17th-Jan 23rd): Cryptos Could Be About to Capitulate

2022-01-24 10:02
Full disclaimer: This platform includes third party opinions. We do not endorse their accuracy. Digital asset prices can be volatile. Do your own research.See full terms here.

Chart of the Week

The Bottom Is Near

  • Bitcoin’s Entity-Adjusted Dormancy Flow helps understand the spending behavior of experienced market participants. Whenever there is a substantial reduction in BTC spending from the so-called “old hands,” the dormancy value falls below 250,000, signaling that the market is in full capitulation.
  • In previous bear cycles, a dormancy value below 250,000 represented a great historical buy zone. Bitcoin’s Entity-Adjusted Dormancy Flow currently sits around 205,000 and can still drop to 180,000 to mark the end of the downtrend.

Bitcoin Still Bound for Further Losses

  • At about $36,300 on Sunday, Jan. 23rd, Bitcoin dropped below the psychological $40,000 barrier to hit a six-month low of nearly $34,000, and the weekly Relative Strength Index broke the 42 support level for the first time in two years.
  • From a technical perspective, it appears that BTC could soon experience capitulation. Price history shows that every time the weekly RSI has dropped below 42 since 2014, the pioneer cryptocurrency tends to shed about 53% in market value. A similar event puts Bitcoin at around $20,000 by the end of the downtrend.
  • On Binance Futures, BTCUSDT Long/Short Ratio continues trending downwards to hit a new low of a 1.89 ratio on Jan. 23rd. It appears that traders remain pessimistic about Bitcoin’s future price action as only 65.40% of all accounts remain net-long.

Weekly Market Mover

* Note: DEFIUSDT is a composite index perpetual contract that consists of a basket of DeFi protocol tokens listed on Binance. It is calculated by using weighted averages of DEFI tokens’ real-time price on Binance and is denominated in USDT.
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Highlights From This Week

Take Part in This Week’s Activities

  • WinBUSDday - Users who trade BUSD-margined Futures contracts during each qualifying period on Wednesday will have a chance to get rewarded with a 30 BUSD Futures Bonus Voucher.
  • Get Verified and Win! - Binance launched the second round of Enterprise Verification to give users a 1,000 USDT USDⓈ-M Futures cashback voucher for completing enterprise verification and opening a Futures account.
  • Margin Friday - Users who complete an average daily margin trading volume of 1,000 BUSD, or borrowing volume of 100 BUSD on Binance Margin, and complete identity verification by the end of the promotion, will be eligible to share 20% trading income.

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New Updates

News Roundup

  • BNB Burn - The 18th quarterly BNB token burn of 1,684,387.11 BNB has been completed, including an additional 6,296.305493 BNB that was effectively burned via the Pioneer Burn Program. (Trade BNBBUSD)
  • Network Upgrade - Polygon implemented the much-awaited EIP 1559 upgrade, introducing a discrete fee mechanism that has a deflationary effect on MATIC. (Trade MATICUSDT)
  • Further Development - Terra Ecosystem announced the launch of the LUNA Foundation Guard (LFG), a non-profit organization with a mission objective to support and sustain the growth of open-source technology. (Trade LUNAUSDT)
  • Going Open-Source - Hedera Network purchased the intellectual property rights for the hashgraph consensus algorithm from Swirlds, Inc., to shift to an open-source code model this year. (Trade HBARUSDT)
  • All In - One of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, Mike Tyson, took to Twitter to let his fans know that he is “all in” on Solana. (Trade SOLBUSD)
* Note: Binance encourages our users to trade responsibly. Trading can be engaging and fun, but trading is a serious business and it can lead to financial and emotional distress. Trading derivatives carries risk, and furthermore, cryptocurrencies and other digital assets often have high levels of price volatility.
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