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Bitcoin Reaches $24,000, New All-Time-High at $24,295

2020-12-21 07:30
Bitcoin's rally over the past week continues as new benchmarks are being set. The new record price on Binance for BTC is $24,295 as of 8:39 PM UTC on December 20.
Here are the most recent price movements for Bitcoin on Binance over the past 24 hours:
  • BTC broke past $24,000 at 8:01 PM UTC yesterday, reaching $24,014.77.
  • In a matter of less than 40 minutes, BTC was priced as high as $24,298.91 at 8:39 PM UTC yesterday.
  • Following a slight correction that sent BTC down to $23,222.51 as of 11:03 PM UTC yesterday, BTC rallied back to $24,000 at 3:45 AM UTC and again at 4:10 AM UTC, 7:06 AM UTC, and 7:16 AM UTC.
As of press time (7:30 AM UTC), Bitcoin was at $23,967.15, signifying that BTC at near or above $24,000 could be the new normal in the short term.
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