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Sui Foundation Announces Token Allocation, 6% For Airdrop Rewards

Foxy - Coincu
2022-12-15 05:07
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The Sui Foundation has officially announced its future SUI token allocation plan. In which, the community reserve accounts for 50% and 6% is used to reward the Airdrop.
According to the latest announcement of the token allocation plan from the Sui Foundation.
Rounding out 2022, we’re excited to share more details about SUI token allocation! SUI aligns incentives across all network participants, and is the heart of Sui’s tokenomics. Let’s dive into what token distribution will look like.
— Sui Foundation (@SuiFoundation) December 14, 2022
Of which, the community reserve managed by the Sui Foundation accounts for 50%, early contributors 20%, investors 14% and Mysten Lab. vault accounts for 10%, community access programs and app testers for 6%.
Sui noted, 50% of the tokens will be held by the project for the community reserve, and the above ratio is still subject to change in the near term. Tokens will transfer to the parties after the project successfully moves to the mainnet.
About a week ago, the project launched the Community Access Program, facilitating users to buy SUI in the early stages. This means that the community still has the opportunity to own the token even if they have not participated in the blockchain experience before.
Sui released an economic white paper in May of this year, which stated that the total number of tokens is 10 billion, which can be used to participate in the proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism.
Pay Gas fees to perform transactions and other activities and support the entire Sui economy. Multifunctional and liquid assets, participate in online voting to play a key governance role.
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