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ConstitutionDAO Declares to Once again Take Part in the Auction of the US Constitution by Sotheby’s

Umair Younas - BlockchainReporter
2022-12-07 10:26
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ConstitutionDAO has declared to take part in the auction of Sotheby’s for US Constitution’s copy once again. Formerly, it collected up to $47M in just seven days. However, this time, the platform might just obtain a relatively lesser amount with no token issued. ConstitutionDAO turned to the official Twitter account thereof to break the news. The DAO noted that it is a win-win situation for them to acquire a copy of the US Constitution for another time.


We are gonna buy the Constitution. (, )#wagbtc #people #constitutiondao2 #btfc

— ConstitutionDAO2 ( , ) (@WAGBTC) December 7, 2022

ConstitutionDAO to Once again Enter Sotheby’s Auction for Genuine-US Constitution Printing

While pointing toward their resilience, swiftness, and cleverness, ConstitutionDAO mentioned in the previous November, the platform allured people throughout the world of the internet. As per it, the people were persuaded to join the company to accomplish the objective of purchasing genuine Constitution printing at the Sotheby’s auction. According to ConstitutionDAO, it remained successful in receiving approximately $40 million for its mission.

Nevertheless, it moved on to say, the platform got outbid just at the neck of time against the billionaire Ken Griffin. In the words of the platform, it did not stop its efforts after witnessing failure once. ConstitutionDAO specified that it has been making great endeavours throughout the entire year after the first event.

It asserted that the communities, which are aspirants of the company, have been advancing, developing privacy technology, as well as making experiments with decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). The firm added that now is the 2nd chance given to them to fulfil their mission. As ConstitutionDAO puts it, in November 2022, it was declared by Sotheby’s that the platform would sell just the other genuine constitution printing that was owned privately.

The platform then conducted a poll on Twitter, asking the community for consent over engaging in the auction. The results of the poll showed an 83.1% proportion in favour. ConstitutionDAO clarified that the purpose of purchasing the printing is to begin a civic artefact collection operated by the people.

This Time the DAO Considers Masking the Funds

The firm revealed that, since the declaration of the auction, the institutions and DAOs around the crypto world have become a part of the coalition of redemption arc by engaging with the fundraising companies. This year, the platform added, they are offering a couple of options to the people for their donations. One would be the public while the other would be private to mask the cumulative amount of funds.

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