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ApeCoin DAO Bug Bounty Program Phase 1 Concludes With Only One Medium-severity Bug Discovered

Chubbi - Coincu
2022-11-27 14:31
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The initial phase of the testnet bug bounty program for the Apecoin staking deployment has concluded, according to Llama, one of the ApeCoin DAO’s partners.
Llama, one of the ApeCoin DAO bug bounty program’s partners, announced on Twitter that the first phase of the two-week testnet bug bounty program ended on November 26, and the pledged smart contract will be released. On May 5th, the mainnet was launched. During that time, Llama said, 26 vulnerability observation reports were received, with only one medium-severity vulnerability discovered.
The initial phase of the testnet bug bounty program for the @apecoin staking deployment has concluded.Over the two weeks we received 26 submissions:• 25 have been closed & deemed ineligible for a reward• 1 uncovered a medium severity bug
— Llama (@llama) November 25, 2022
The bug did not jeopardize any user funds, but it did cause withdrawals to be delayed. Horizen is already working on a solution, and auditors are re-auditing.
The second phase of the bug bounty program will begin once ApeCoin DAO deploys the staking smart contract on the mainnet and will last the entire three-year staking period.
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