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Alameda Once Borrowed 3AC $200 Million With The Promise Of “High Return No Risk”?

Harold - CoinCu
2022-11-14 01:21
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3AC, the crypto hedge fund that crashed in the aftermath of Luna, but also partly from the Sam Bankman-Fried empire company itself, Alameda.
A tweet revealed the story that happened a long time ago between Su Zhu, the 3AC co-founder, in the Alameda 2019 Telegram chat box. The talk mentioned that FTX’s sister company had borrowed $200 million from 3AC at an interest rate of 15%.
Early pictures of Alameda 2019 Telegram chatter "Deleted account" confirmed to be Su Zhu. Reposted for exposure as original tweet was deleted.
— sumfattytuna (@sumfattytuna) November 12, 2022
Core contributor of Alliance DAO, Qiao Wang at that time, also praised Alameda Research’s share was 1st in the market.
Source: Wu Blockchain
Recently, Su Zhu also suddenly commented on the collapse of FTX, but this issue was not mentioned to him.
It seems that a “circle” between 3AC from when it was said to be crushed by Sam’s empire to when FTX also followed in its footsteps has been formed.
2019: Su Zhu FUDs FTX, turns into rivalry with SBF.2022:→ SBF uses Alameda to destroy Luna to destroy 3AC.→ Alameda gets caught in the liquidations.→ SBF has to bail out Alameda.→ Alameda hole brings down FTX.SBF destroyed himself in revenge against Su.Poetry.
— mhonkasalo (@mhonkasalo) November 13, 2022
SBF, was a philanthropist when he extended his hand to help companies in the industry during the crisis caused by Luna. However, Sam “abandoned” 3AC, and then the crisis of Alameda also caused the collapse of FTX.
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