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Google Cloud Dives Deeper into Web3 in Extended Partnership with Aptos

Cindy Tan - NFT Gators
2022-11-11 12:18
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Quick take:
  • Google Cloud will power some of Aptos’ validator notes.
  • The Aptos blockchain will also be indexed on Google Cloud’s BigQuery service.
  • This is an extension of Google Cloud’s partnership with Aptos.
Layer-1 blockchain infrastructure company, Aptos, has partnered with Google Cloud which will power some of its validator nodes.
The partnership was detailed in a panel at TOKEN2049 London by Aptos co-founder and CEO Mo Shaikh, who spoke alongside Simon Baksys, the go-to-market and business development lead for Google’s Web3 division.
“I think this is the first time a Web2 and a Web3 company has come together in such a meaningful way,” Shaikh said. He added that Google Cloud will validate nodes and participate in the Aptos mainnet. The Aptos blockchain will also be indexed and queried data will be made available on Google Cloud’s BigQuery service.
This is an extension of Google Cloud’s collaboration with Aptos following the blockchain company’s launch on the mainnet. Earlier this year, Google Cloud partnered with Aptos to become the blockchain company’s first cloud partner, enabling anyone to power a node on the Aptos blockchain in less than 15 minutes.
Google and Aptos Foundation plan to launch an accelerator program and host a hackathon next year to support new talent.
“It should really be interesting to see those two worlds collide and those projects that will be interested in using both Google tools as well as Aptos tools to produce something really cool,” Baksys said. “We’ll definitely be continuing our quote-unquote world tour and engaging with the community together.”
Co-founded by former Meta employees Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching, Aptos raised $150 million in a funding round led by FTX Ventures and Jump Crypto in July and recently hit $4 billion valuation after receiving an undisclosed amount in strategic investment from Binance Labs.
The Aptos blockchain uses the Move language for faster transaction execution and supports flexible key management for a safer user experience. Aptos has been developing its blockchain over the past three years with more than 350 developers deployed globally. Its blockchain is designed to be upgradeable and will continuously evolve to support current and emerging Web3 use cases.
Google Cloud recently launched its Blockchain Node Engine, a fully managed node-hosting service that can minimise the need for node operations.
Since launching its new digital assets team in January, Google Cloud has been establishing its Web3 footprint by teaming up with Fortress Blockchain Technologies to launch private data storage for NFTs, partnering with NEAR to accelerate Web3 startups, and joining forces with Coinbase to introduce crypto payments for cloud services.
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