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Do Kwon Will Hold A Meeting To Invite Police From All Over The World To Unravel The Truth

Foxy - Coincu
2022-11-04 02:07
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Immediately after the announcement from the Korean prosecutor about finding evidence that Do Kwon manipulated the price of the Terra cryptocurrency, the founder of Terra was very angry and announced that he would hold a meeting to prove the allegations. Allegations were fabricated outright bullshit for political reasons.
Do Kwon recently took a powerful action in response to statements from South Korean prosecutors days after it was revealed that he had manipulated the price of Terra cryptocurrency.
Alright ill throw a meetup/conference soon to get over this in hiding bs Cops from world over welcome to attend
— Do Kwon (@stablekwon) November 3, 2022
The founder of Terra said he would open a meeting and invite police all over the world to attend to prove his innocence, challenging all those who spread the news to attend.
Do Kwon once again asserted that the allegations against him were completely fabricated for political reasons.
As updated in an earlier Coincu News article, Korean prosecutors announced that they have found evidence to prove that the founder of Terra manipulated the market price, according to Edaily’s signing with General Korea Broadcasting Company yesterday.
Under the Korean Criminal Procedure Law, if a suspect stays abroad to avoid criminal punishment, the statute of limitations can be stopped, according to the Financial and Securities Crimes Investigation Team of the Southern District Prosecutors’ Office in Seoul.
It is known that CEO Kwon left the country at the end of April and stayed in Singapore, but by September he is said to have moved to Europe via Dubai.
Previously, Korean prosecutors issued arrest warrants for Do Kwon, the founder of Terra and 5 others, and Interpol had issued a red notice against Do Kwon, the founder of Terra. Do Kwon’s passport expired on October 19.
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