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zkSync Announced A Testnet Integration Ahead Of Its Mainnet Launch

Harold - Coincu
2022-10-18 05:28
Before its mainnet debut on October 28, Ethereum scaling solution zkSync released a major integration for its zkEVM technology called validity proofs.
This integration is now live on the zkSync 2.0 testnet, completing a final critical step before the official launch.
This integration is what “many development teams have been waiting for, the project’s developer, Matter Labs, stated on Medium. Integrating validity proofs will allow developers to thoroughly test the technology required for key network activities, including proof creation, aggregation, and on-chain verification.
Validity proofs are the core technology that provides enhanced scalability for zkSync while maintaining security. According to zkSync, the proofs ensure the accuracy of program execution and the current state, or history, of the network. The proofs are subsequently forwarded to Ethereum, which validates them for accuracy and security.
ZkSync’s mainnet debut on October 28 will have no external projects or apps at first. The purpose is to do audits and security tests to ensure that the validity proofs are working properly.
Following the testnet, the Fair Launch Alpha will allow developers to port and work on the mainnet for additional testing in a real environment. This is anticipated later this year. The Full Alpha, which comes after the Fair Launch Alpha, will allow actual users to bypass security checks and should be available by the end of 2022.
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