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Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Says Biggest Crash Is Coming, Affects on Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver

Ken - Coincu
2022-09-27 00:18
Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki has twisted on his official account warning the upcoming enormous crash will have serious effects on Bitcoin and other assets.
Robert Kiyosaki said on his Twitter that the largest financial cataclysm since the 1990s was due to the FED’s new monetary policies.
EVERYTHING BUBBLE into EVERYTHING CRASH. I warned in my books, the biggest crash has been building since 1990s. Rather than fix problems FED printed FAKE $. In Everything Crash everything crashes even gold, silver, BC. Your ultimate asset in giant crash, your financial wisdom
— therealkiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki) September 26, 2022
Rich Dad Poor Dad author said that the US treasury policies are a vicious cycle without any value for the world’s financial development. These latest regulations from unreasonable borrowing amount to USD devaluing stifle and suppress all crypto investors.
Following, the best-seller suggests that BTC, gold, and silver are the best assets to hold in the bull market.
“1. US borrows too much money. 2. US keeps interest rates low. 3. Low interest rates forces US to borrow more $ to buy more US Bonds 4. to keep interest rates low 5. Causes inflation 5. Forcing interest rates up 6. Debt becomes too expensive 7. US dollar dying. BUY Gold-Silver-Bitcoin.”
He also acknowledges that in the case of BTC down-price, he would purchase more coins, and feel bullish on these digital assets.
“I’m very optimistic and bullish on blockchain, so if Bitcoin goes down to $1,000, I’m backing up the truck, but if it goes to $25,000, I’m not buying anymore…
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