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SONY Music Files Crypto Related Trademarks

Nellius Irene - The Crypto Basic
2022-09-06 10:48

NFT Backed-Media: Sony Music Files Trademark Application for Columbia Records Logo.

The internet has given musicians a direct connection to their fans, and artists no longer need record labels to get their music out there. Sony Music is taking notice of this shift. It is filing a trademark application for the Columbia Records logo with plans to use it for NFT-backed media, music and podcast production, artist management, and music distribution services.
According to Mike Kondoudis, USPTO licensed trademark attorney:
“SonyMusic has filed a trademark application for the Columbia Records logo claiming plans to use it for: NFT Backed MediaMusic + Podcast ProductionArtist Management + Music distribution services ..and more!”
This move would allow Sony Music to tap into the growing NFT market and provide their artists with more opportunities to connect with fans and create new ways to monetize their work. With this trademark application, Sony Music is positioning itself as a digital transformation leader in the music industry.

NFT Labels

Musicians have always received a raw deal regarding royalties and compensation, so it’s good to see a significant label taking steps to change that. NFTs offers a new way for artists to monetize their work and connect with fans.
NFT record labels are a new way for artists to get paid fairly for their work, and Sony Music is now leading the charge. This trademark application shows that they’re committed to evolving with the times and giving their artists the best possible platform to succeed.
Artists have already started experimenting with NFTs, and it’s exciting to see what the future holds for the music industry. With Sony Music’s backing, we could see a whole new era of artist-fan engagement and compensation.
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