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Liquid Staking Testnet Launches On Kava 11

Hassan Maishera - Cryptowisser
2022-09-01 14:57
The Kava Network team announced in a tweet on Wednesday that liquid staking has successfully launched on Kava 11. Liquid staking is the act of delegating your tokens to a service that stakes for you without losing access to your funds. Liquid staking allows you to access your funds even when you're staking them. The funds remain in escrow, but aren't locked and inaccessible, as they would be with Proof of Stake staking.
Kava aims to become the default DeFi platform by providing stablecoins and decentralized lending against all major crypto assets. KAVA is down by 8.6% in the last 24 hours and is trading at $1.679 at press time.
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