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The HBAR Foundation announces support for RedemptionDAO

Hassan Maishera - Cryptowisser
2022-08-01 13:17
HBAR Foundation, the development team behind the Hedera blockchain, announced via a blog post on Friday announced its support of RedemptionDAO. RedemptionDAO is a movement to preserve the pristine rainforest up for sale in the Democratic Republic of Congo whilst co-creating nature-based revenue streams for the Congolese people.
The team added that RedemptionDAO was formed by members of ReFi DAO, Dream DAO, and Climate Collective, RedemptionDAO now has cross-organizational support from leading players in Regenerative Finance, including The HBAR Foundation, dClimate, members of Flowcarbon, Protocol Labs, Gitcoin, Regen Network, and many more.
Hedera Hashgraph is distributed public ledger infrastructure. According to the team, it offers significant improvements over existing blockchains in five areas: performance, security, governance, stability, and regulatory compliance.
HBAR is trading at $0.0761 at press time, down by more than 4.4% over the last 24 hours.
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