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Craig Wright v Peter McCormack: Wright Put Forward 'False Evidence,' Will Receive Damages of £1

Jamie Crawley - CoinDesk
2022-08-01 12:26
U.K. High Court Judge Martin Chamberlain has ruled that Dr Craig Wright, the Australian scientist who claims to be Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, advanced false evidence in his defamatory case against Peter McCormack.
Though finding that comments made by McCormack caused "serious harm" to Wright's reputation, the judge awarded Wright only nominal damages of £1.
The legal battle concerned a 2019 discussion – later broadcast on YouTube – in which McCormack said Wright "is not Satoshi," and further called him "a liar" and "a fraud." Wright's case against McCormack centered on his claim that such comments caused him financial damage through being disinvited to speak at various events and conferences.
Judge Chamberlain, however, concluded that Wright had "advanced a deliberately false case as to the dis-invitations from academic conferences," and thusly decided there would be "no injustice" for awarding just the £1.
Craig Wright has been involved in a number of legal battles emanating from his claims to the be the inventor of Bitcoin.
Nobody knows the true identity "Satoshi Nakamoto", who published the cryptocurrency's white paper in 2008 and released the first version of its software the following year. He faded from the community in subsequent years, leaving the trail of his true identity to run cold.
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