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Hedera introduces native staking phase 1

Hassan Maishera - Cryptowisser
2022-07-29 15:51
The Hedera team introduced phase 1 of its native staking service in a blog post published on Thursday. Hedera said the first phase allows the ecosystem to build tooling, and for users to test functionality without earning rewards.
Furthermore, this initial technical availability release does not reward participants for staking but enables a level playing field whereby all market participants have the possibility to join the staking program, and avoids giving an unfair advantage to the first few who stake.
Hedera Hashgraph is distributed public ledger infrastructure. According to the team, it offers significant improvements over existing blockchains in five areas: performance, security, governance, stability, and regulatory compliance.
HBAR is trading at $0.0717 at press time, up by more than 1.27% over the last 24 hours.
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