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Tesla Recorded $64M Gain on Bitcoin Sales in Q2

Nelson Wang - CoinDesk
2022-07-25 15:32
Tesla (TSLA) posted a gain of $64 million on the sale of 75% of its bitcoin holdings that netted it $936 million in the second quarter, as well as an impairment of $170 million on its remaining holdings, according to its 10-Q filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday.
The filing elaborated on information and statements provided in Tesla’s Q2 earnings release and call on Wednesday.
On the earnings call, Tesla Chief Financial Officer Zach Kirkhorn said “we converted a majority of our bitcoin holdings to fiat for a realized gain, offset by impairment charges on the remainder of our holdings, netting a $106 million cost to the P&L included within restructuring and other.”
In its 10-Q on Monday, Tesla said it recorded the $170 million impairment charge and $64 million gain in the six-month period through June 30, 2022, but since it didn’t add to reduce any of its holdings in the first quarter, nor did it record an impairment charge then, all those results must have occurred in the second quarter.
Tesla first acquired $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin in the first quarter of 2021, but did not disclose its average purchase price. Later in that first quarter the company trimmed its bitcoin position by 10%, a sale that boosted that quarter’s earnings by $272 million. It hadn't added to or reduced its holdings until the most recent quarter, a move CEO Elon Musk said was taken to raise cash in the face of Covid lockdowns in China, one of its largest markets.
The company did not reveal what price it sold its bitcoin for in the second quarter but a rough calculation shows it sold for an average price of around $29,000 per bitcoin, helping it avoid a much more substantial impairment charge, since bitcoin ended the second quarter at a price of about $18,700.
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