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Ripple Proposes “Narrowly Tailored Redactions” Against SEC

Ashish Kumar - Coingape
2022-07-16 10:04
The U.S SEC vs Ripple lawsuit has reached a crucial point where the court has denied the commission’s claims over the Hinman speech related documents. Meanwhile, the defendants have filed another request related to the amici motion.

Ripple asks to prevent disclosure

The court denied Defendants’ motion to seal its request to the commission letter on July 11, 2022. However, the court invited some narrowly tailored redactions. Taking advantage of this relief, the Ripple and party moved very limited redactions.
The letter mentioned that copy of the proposed redactions has been submitted to the court under seal for consideration. It is related to the employee’s e-mail addresses appearing in exhibit O. Defendant highlighted that these employees are not partied involved in the case. Meanwhile, one of them left the blockchain firm days before the complaint was filed.
It added that the mentioned person has been deposed nor identified as the potential witness by the parties. They hold huge privacy interests and should get protection to prevent the disclosure of their identities.

Court’s findings won’t depend on this

The defendants mentioned that these identities are not included in the portion highlighted by the SEC. The court’s findings will not depend on the identity of these employees. However, the commission hasn’t contended in its submissions to the court.
Meanwhile, the motion also added that they are not requesting some of the redactions from the authority’s letter. They will be supporting them to unseal them completely. However, the Defendants asked the court to unseal Exhibit L even though it contains details about the SEC”s expert’s report.
Earlier, the court gave a major win to the Ripple and defendants in the case. It denied a huge SEC’s assertion over the infamous Hinman Ethereum speech. Now, the authority will have to submit the speech related documents for an in-camera review.
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