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Korean Financial Authority Imposes Departure Ban On Terra Developers

2022-06-21 01:46
According to the Korean news site JTBC, the Seoul Joint Financial and Securities Crime Investigation Team has placed travel embargoes on developers in the Terra team. This is a result of the ongoing investigation on Terra by Korean Authorities.
After the crash of LUNA and UST, authorities have been on the tail of the founder of Terra, Do Kwon. His legal troubles seem to be compounding as Korean Authorities have now placed a travel ban on present and ex-members of his team.
This move seems to have been taken to prevent said persons from suddenly leaving the country as it appears that a more serious investigation is going to be launched on the company soon.
According to a Terra employee, David Hong, none of them were notified of the restrictions beforehand, which he said was done so they wouldn’t destroy evidence.
At the moment, the prosecution is said to be coordinating the investigation schedule with Terra officials. However, an official from the Ministry of Justice noted that,
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